Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sheds has his own tv show!

It's all about the dogging for today's blogging ….the best doggingspot has been identified ….Tallsy's quiet surburban street is 'the place to go'

Lets kick the tires off this one - Tallsy learning the business jargon in readiness for his departure

Dave Rni is going in for dental surgery next week. Rumours are that he's getting a bling gold nugget installed

Spent some time in the stairwell today, hot and noisy and far too much fun

Save Tallsy campaign a success - powerpoint man will fly again

Sheds is famous - so much so that there's a regular tv-programme in his honour!!!!! Check it out 7:55pm every night this week

Drinks to celebrate the canning of the project last night - loose tongues and dodgy dancing preceded the next day's embarressment and hangovers. Spanish princess reported to have spent some quality time with those fine fellows huey and luey


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