Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Recruitment for the foreign legion

Tallsy tallsy quite contrary how does your garden grow?....Miracle grow really does make a difference to the shrubs - though Edmundl concerned about the ingredients …..Confirmation that it contains Fish!!!! And more upsettingly, Fish food is made from fish too! Edmundl feeding her goldfish with their anscestors! Appauled. So what is dog food made of?

Dodge introduced to Blog - returned to fight for the footy side…against…um, where have they all gone?

Smally considering signing up for the french foreign legion after last night's documentary

Excitement builds as the charity fun run looms - Sheds and his women all keen to demonstrate the passion of their performance on the track

Mr Julie gives up his cherry for the team

Madge gives up on the natural deoderant crystals and considers the alternatives - no word on how Sheds is getting on with his experiment

Dress down rules causing some dismay - discussions over the suitability of fleeces rage on both sides of the workplace


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