Wednesday, July 13, 2005

one flight to Schnapple please

Visit from Peppe le peuw - rumour has it he can only see the front and the hair dresser didn't use a mirror to show him the back, he used a photograph.

Marvin picks up the pink shirt gauntlet and might I say he wears it well

Rumours circulating that Fitboy is receiving loveletters in internal mail….no-one has claimed responsibility yet though Stilleto's is looking sheepish

If you were a shoemaker wouldn't you look into the business potential of making flip flops for caterpillars? Flip, flop, flap, flup…

Tallsy needs to be in Amsterdam tomorrow so booking his flight on the phone. 'Can I fly to Schnapple airport?' Isn't that a fruit drink? Surely he means Schipol? …Ok it wasn't Tallsy this time

Spanish princess insists she wasn't drunk at the Irish wedding

Edmundl concerned that she 'll be tallsy's age when the olympics comes round- edmundl just can't imagine being that old!
Following the success of the corporate fun run there are now discussions of how we shall take part in the olympics - Obviously Tallsy shall be entering with his parkour skills, Biggles showing off his loopdeloops and Arms on the shimmyshakes. There should be some points earned for stilts skills from Stilleto too.

Are those spaghetti straps? Adherance to the dress code policy in question

Speak up shedders…..sorry, what, can't hear you

Stationary order requested - Lord H is looking for some lead for his pencil

Doesn't Beenandgone look fab in a dress!


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