Friday, July 22, 2005

Break a leg

Nobody likes Edmundl's joke that she nicked from big brother….if I had 2 fish I'd call them one and two, that way if one died I'd still have two
(works better when you tell it the right way round of course - some confusion when Edmundl told it wrong. There then was a heated debate about whether you'd end up with one fish or no fish should one fish die)

Debates over what the nickname for our old friend BobbyN was…..suggestions it was "fluffy" from Chappers and Dodge were met with a barrage of swearing from Mr fluffy himself

Edmundl has a new idea to bring people closer together and show off their true potential….Edmundl shall be setting up the 6th floor amateur dramatics after work club! This year's plays will include Romeo and Juliet (prizes for who Romeo will be and complimentary private heathcare for the winner of the Juliet role should there be some tiffs in the decision), Charlie and the Choclate factory (but who would play Augustus Gloup???) and North West side story. For further suggestions please leave a comment.


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