Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Shedders to the rescue

Smallsy is the fountain of ALL knowledge. Who wouldn't want this guy on their pub quiz team? Edmundl would quite like to see Smallsy and Fifi go head to head in a battle of the minds. Apparently rare steak is so called because the word originates from the french 'rahe'. (edmundl thinks she may have spelt this wrong but accepts superiority being french n'all). Shedders confirms it with

Nat's Cats (metamorphosed by spell checker from Nat's Chavs) got Runners Up in mixed 5 aside soccer.
2 girlies had to drop out:
Tashayar off sick with chicken pox and Highheeler thought she'd run the New York Marathon.
So Spanish princess and Arms had to play constantly (finding walking difficult). Princess has big blue toe which is about to drop off. Arms got Player of Tournament trophy!!! (smug about it too)

Boys too violent at the footy - kicking. Mr Competitive Dave complains that everyone else was taking it too seriously. Tallsy doesn't even get picked to play!

Is that Smallsy on big brother (and his mate of old, Chappers?)

Tallsy's hoarding days now catching up with him - without his girls to rummage through his drawers Tallsy has a buildup of goods

Tallsy not sleeping - Edmundl suggests he stops paying for the 24 hour big brother channel

Marvin eagerly awaiting new addition to the flight crew. Shouldn't be long now….

New business venture suggested -should improve Clamango's stake in the market no end. Big Brother experience weekends. Charge a fortune for a gang of mates to live in a closed house together. Suggest we start with a carefully selected bunch of the team - who's up for it?

The reason for the Spanish princess's recent decrease in clothing is revealed - an infestation of moths freaks the good lady out and Shedders leaps to her rescue with a romantic gift of moth killer spray.

Biggles got in at 3am from princess' gaff….spent an hour on a bus in stansted airport between aeroplane and terminal

Scratches found on Shedders neck - he swears he doesn't know where they're from - suspicions arising - did the 'moths' fight back perhaps?


At 4:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suggest Shedders keeps some of the mothkiller for himself. Monday's tie looked half-eaten...although he reckons that a more more saucy explanation is the cause. Something to do with chafing???

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