Thursday, June 23, 2005

pixelated is a word

Tallsy seen wandering the 6th wide eyed and pale (apart from the small tanned patch on the left hand side of his forehead). This is due to his new obsession with 'most haunted'. Explained the point of the show (from underneath his desk)-recording scared celebs as they walk round 'haunted' houses reacting to creaking floorboards and terrifying stone throwing. Tallsy's impression of a groaning goolie was admittedly quite impressive but Edmundl unsure that it warrants carrying round the ghost detective goggles and white noise detector

All unsure whether the romantic liaisons in Shedders' flat are between Arms and Shedders or Arms and the gardener. Arms swoons over the Aussie dreamboat with the greenfingers at breakfast at Shedders' gaff - question begs what she was doing there in the first place?

DaveRni and Fawcett's barbeque a big hit - yummy grub cooked by the chaps, fancydan cocktails and sporting exploits in the sun - we all thank them both for a splendid day!

Biggles soon to be setting up shop to rival the best (the only) Portuguese chicken restaurant in town - all look forward to some BeriBeri Turkey.

Spanish princess off to Ireland this weekend - reckons the wedding she will be attending probably will be a quiet affair….aw isn't she sweet.

Edmundl had to be reminded that on a Tuesday morning after football the question should not be 'did you score any goals Tallsy?', rather 'How many goals did you score Tallsy?' Tallsy once more looks smug.

But where did Smallsy find red stiletto's to fit?

DickyV (the new name for Shedders based on him revealing his middle name to us) is conducting a survey of all the breakfast places nearby - 4 so far.Mightily unimpressed so far - his almond croissant was too flat and his coffee far too strong for his weak constitution. His exploration (an exploration only rivalled in excitement to when Mr Columbus stumbled upon a green chick with a spiky hat and torch)... continues.
DickyV promises "I'll give you the full results of the breaky investigation tomorrow + picture of Dave Rni's desk covered in coffee, with sensitive areas pixelated out" He pretends 'pixelated' is a word.


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