Friday, June 03, 2005

dead cats

Shedders is getting obsessed ….whether Spanish Princess and Arms are going commando today. Shedders looks appauled…looks even more appauled when edmundl admits to keeping spare pairs in her desk drawer

Tallsy dragging up old bets with past colleagues - dosh must be short these days

Tashayar back in the office - straight over to the boys

Interesting story from thePrawn at lunchtime about a dead cat - good job we'd all finished our pizzas

Ladders and Beenandgone reliving their student days in camden…booked a hotel together for the occasion. An old flame will be joining the boys…

Tallsy ungrateful at Edmundl's attempts to cheer him up…she'd forgotten what type of poncy tea he drinks and brings the wrong one. Oh the shame.


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