Monday, May 23, 2005

win him back from the dork side

Edmundl not present at the do she organised on Thursday. Feedback centers around a drunken Tallsy recounting his toilet stories to all. So focused he didn't even pretend to be a superhero this time.

Biggles calls Edmundl Sassy on account of the red top. Edmundl likes being called Sassy.

Shedders concerns all with his devoted love to Star Wars - so much so that the team attempt to win Sheds back from the Dork Side

Madge gets frustrated with the boys on her desk for not knowing where her choice of restaurant is for the evening out. Edmundl wonders whether the boys have adjusted to the volume levels yet

Cookie sports her fancy new flicky hair - dead posh like

Funnyfarm experiences some teenage acne prompting thoughts that he's infact an old looking child prodigy

Edmundl visits a convent over the weekend - getting into the habit early

A lot of the office going down with flu bugs - edmundl takes a whisky truffle for medicinal purposes - feels she has to apologise in a finance meeting incase they assume she's been hitting the booze early in the day


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