Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Shake it like a polariod picture

Confirmed that the PO girls are joining the no deodorant party. Madge is getting 2 boxes of white natural deodorising crystals sent over from the Philippines. Legit apparently.

Edmundl admits that we've been giving Shedders a hard time on Blog recently. Although it's hard not to document every classic e.g. "this white wine is giving me an ice cream headache", Edmundl promises to give Shedders a bit of a break. She will however need another victim. Careful what you say people. Edmundl thinks perhaps Ladders deserves a little bit of abuse after getting Edmundl into one of those awful cringe embarrassed moments where she attempts to remain composed in certain male company.

Following Edmundl and Shedders' trip to the movie premier last night, Tallsy decides Edmundl's wedding should include the castlist for our very own version of Star Wars. Edmundl will be substituting her wedding dress for a stormtroupers outfit (£600 on ebay), JR (first mention on Blog - he *will* be pleased) as Mr Vador, Father Edmundl as the Emperor, Cookie as princess Armadillo, Lord H for Yoda (on account of his years) and Dave Rny as the Deathstar.

Dave Rny needs to rent a vibrating plate... washing machine just doesn't cut it anymore.


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