Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Resolved with a salsa danceoff?

Edmundl has a cold!!!! Funnyfarm gives her a Berocca to make her better. Edmundl forgets the effects it has on one's toilet experience and gets a shock. Had our loos been unisex Tallsy would have surely noted some frightened screeching.

Tallsy got issues over blog material rights. Edmundl mistakingly thought Tallsy was giving her the hilarious Dork side joke when in actual fact Tallsy was just bigging himself up before he put his entry on. He gets shirty. Shakes his head disapprovingly. Edmundl ignores him.

Right, this needs to be resolved. Why oh why oh why do they call only slightly cooked steak 'rare'. Why rare?
Biggles suggests it's 'just because' (useful thanks) and the search for the answer saunters on. Hardly (rarely) cooked seems to be the winner at the moment.

It's been noted that Biggles never gets his dinner at the same time as anyone else at most Friday lunchtime outings. Edmundl suggests this could be cos he looks the naughtiest.

Edmundl got a question about prawns - you know when you buy prawns in the supermarket, they are already deshelled. How do they do it? Various suggestions that it's chemicals they pour on them to dissolve the shell, very skilled desheller people or that they cook them at very high temperatures are at this stage just speculation and not proven. If you know or have any better suggestions please leave a comment.

Whilst we are talking about food, Edmundl would like to make a declaration.After 28 years of disliking beetroot - she now likes it. Oooh the possibilities for other preference changes. Edmundl wonders if she'll ever start liking Ladders' shirts.

Edmundl wonders about the many women that crowd round Shedders' desk. M'Lady reiterates that she thinks Shedders is 'a *lovely* man' and mourns over the fact that Edmundl is already taken. Edmundl suggests that perhaps the blonde and the brunette that hang round him like flies round *ahum* could have a battle to decide who gets him? Jelly wrestling, tequila shots competition, salsa danceoff? In the meantime Edmundl continues to monitor visits and draws up a chart predicting the likely winner. This would be easier than making Shedders choose.

And no, Edmundl doesn't want to play football - perposterous idea!!! Best left to the other totty methinks. Half the office seem to troup out at 5:12 carrying sport bags looking smug

Edmundl notes that Tallsy and herself never seem to talk anymore…sigh


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