Wednesday, May 04, 2005

May the forth be with you

That's it boys, Edmundl officially off the shelf, soon to be experiencing the life of Reilly.

Continuing evidence that Shedders bats for the other side….what boy wouldn't accept a ticket to see Kylie with 5 giggly girls?

Edmundl books her and her betrothed on a marriage preparation course. They will be learning how to better communicate, how to resolve conflict, how to commit …and um, how to um…you know….um….Edmundl reckons she could teach them a few things on that front actually.

Some evidence of petty abuse in the 'spread it about' team - Ladders wasn't invited to consume one of the delicious chocolate biscuits bought by Shedders. Perhaps they would benefit from a course? Now who said it was for his own good?

Joy as the outsourcer continues to prepare Lord H for a nervous breakdown. Lord H makes 4 calls by 9:30am

Biggles and AD display a surprising knowledge of the 4 C's. Colour, Cut, Clarity, Carrot - Edmundl notices cost doesn't seem to feature???

Some stupid football game causing tension in the office yesterday - loyalties defined and lines drawn - this had the making and breaking of the office. Who would triumph, would M'Lady be smiling or would Tallsy and AD be gloating? Apparantly M'lady was very good in defeat, no excuses unlike some of the Chelsea fans Tallsy had heard from.


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