Thursday, May 19, 2005

derdingdingdinginder der derrrrrr

Shedders unable to attend work as he needs to iron his chewbacca outfit…guess Dave Rny would never have that problem - doesn't need the outfit

Tallsy having some serious problems over his sweetcorn - growth is stunted, expressions folorn, tallsy may have to submit defeat and settle for supermarket grown produce

What happens when techy geeks get bored…..Biggles practices his impersonation of the crazy frog

Dave Rny organises the barbeque of the century. Edmundl wonders what entertainment will be offered - monkeys on bicycles, chimps on chellos?
Edmundl suggests everyone attends the barbeque dressed as Dave's impression of the milk tray man.

What does Marvin think he's playing at??? School rules stipulate that a tie must be work unless the man on the 8th decides he's too hot to wear one. Stern correction from Edmundl terrifies him into near self strangulation

2 months on and the desk reshuffle has become unbearable. M'Lady missing Tallsy a lot, Edmundl missing Tallsy cheering M'Lady up,Tallsy missing all of his women, Ferdy stuck in a little room, Cookie is devoid of interesting stories and Ogre must be wanting rid of Madge by now. We need to sort this out - action is needed. Tallsy decides to perform a song accompanied by a riverdance routine for M'Lady in the desperate hope for a resolution.

Cookie and Madge disputing who is their best friend. Madge gives Edmundl the last of the toffie slices. Cookie hurt. Cookie decides to give Edmundl her carrot cake in retaliation. Edmundl winning on all counts


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