Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Where can i get one of those blueberries?

New PO uniform is being adhered to - suspicions growing about whether they are wearing matching shocking pink stripy pants too - some reckon it's the same pair, which is why they haven't been seen together at the same time today. The other is hiding in the toilets reading the latest Dan Brown thriller

AD looking delighted with himself following his recent blog update - he's still in trouble from strongarms (now do you get it?) and Edmundl though - he will pay - you can hide 1 bottle of champers but you can't hide 2

Shedders admits he loves reading about others on blog but hates the attention being focussed on him. Shedders proving he's more of a taker rather than a giver.

Meanwhile, under the desk, M'lady's vibrating blueberry lead to some very audable blaspheming. Caused uproar in what would otherwise have been a very boring meeting.

When you've worked in IT most of your life is there ever a time to move on from 2 fingered typing? Edmundl smug with her 67 words a minute touch typing skills and mocking poor Snoopdog. Unfair?

Edmundl receives an email from the ozzie ex. Remains unphased…doesn't even mention it!

Pope's teeth discussed - likened to inside out orange peel

Nobody seems to realise that when you mock yourself for being unable to count 6 months it means others can't mock too - that's doublemocking! Edmundl weeps.

Good use of printers being made - Tatters prints out a piece of paper with his name on and nothing else…it's like the modern equivalent to sending yourself flowers


At 12:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we have more descriptive updates please. Bits of this blog don't make any sense unless you were there and I'd like to know the context.



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