Monday, April 25, 2005

Watch where you throw that stapler

Two complaints noted from the audience of blog. The audience might I add that complain even though they don't make updates themselves and are provided with free, insightful entertainment on a daily basis! The cheek. To address the 1st complaint - if you want context try listening harder to the office gossip, those who think the purpose of the workplace is to focus on unfinished concertos will loose out….to address the 2nd complaint, the tone of the blog has got mean…this is due to the problem of all this deceit flying around. The 6th used to be a happy place of team love and honesty- the champagne incident has marred all this (much like Adam and Eve eating the apple, AD and Lady consuming the Champagne has rocked the perfection - we can't go back... though we can be greatly appeased with Japanese lunches). Any more complaints gladly received and ignored.

Edmundl hears a new joke this weekend - how do you make a duck play jazz? Stick him in the microwave until his Bill Withers.
Not as good as the 0 and 8 joke but not bad.

Biggles returns sporting a very obvious fake tan

Upon finding mention of our favourite word for blemish in the Good book - Carbuncles found to be an important part of Edmund's spiritual growth. Queen of the pun.

Another complaint from those that already complain about the lack of consistency in nicknames…apparently Edmundl isn't secret enough. Edmundl happy being called Edmundl but for the sake of arguments is happy to change her name to 'top totty extraordinaire'. When she has been addressed as this more than 10 times, her name shall be changed in the blog, not before.

Tallsy grumpy cos he doesn't like his side for the footy team - they 'get at him', they shout at him even though they don’t know him personally. He was seen stomping and throwing his stapler around.


At 1:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can I listen to the office gossip when I don't work there


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