Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Tallsy's magic

Tallsy lies! Evidence that without Edmundl's moral guidance, Tallsy goes to pot and lies to the boys about who made the cheeky blog comment about AD's years. Happily the boys know that Edmundl wouldn't dream of making such a comment

No no no - men - please learn to do up your flies before you leave the loo and certainly NOT as you return to your desk - no!

Edmundl notes that no email was sent to her regarding the available sweets for AD's birthday - her hopes of being included in the AD posse after being invited for lunch last week obviously dashed

Edmundl kindly orders Tallsy a stapler (in her new role as donkey for the whole office)- he promptly complains it's not good enough. Seriously, Lying and complaining aren't good qualities in a person (tries to justify himself- fails miserably)

Still no sign of the magic tricks - Edmundl believes it was all lies in keeping with his new character

Return of a tanned M'lady bringing delicious CocoRhumbies and CocoBites - unable to tell the difference between the two, apart from a slight plastic aftertaste they're not actually that bad

Finally, a glimpse of Tallsy's magic…..costs 10p a go but boy is it worth it!


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