Tuesday, April 26, 2005

smartfilter lets us down again

We have confirmation peeps - our external fan base is growing - the suspicions that the people who leave comments are those hiding behind their secret alias's have been quashed. As the comment authors are anonymous I should like to include our external friends more in the lives of the PO by giving them a name. From now on external bloggers shall be called Terry…CommentTerry….haaahaaaa

Edmundl went to see Mary Poppins last night - Edmundl decides this is a fine example of womanhood and should like to mimic her in all ways. Please note, Edmundl shall now be arriving into the office by way of flying umbrella. She is already nearly there of course, being practically perfect in every way.

Lord H caught browsing a site called 'Knobs & Knockers'

Cookie kicked off the 'big bake' competition - offered blueberry muffins as her entry. Edmundl suggesting stale mars krispies as she has a social life and so can't stay in every night to bake. Tallsy lets everyone down proposing that he doesn't bake at all but will dress up as a king instead. Just as tasty? No.

Ferdy renamed…no, but this is brilliant…Edmundl hears a guy walk up to Ferdy jauntily saying 'hello cheeky'. The Cheekyboy looks unsure.

Tallsy apparently so good at football he forgets how many goals he scores…cocky so and so.

Edmundl goes for the sophisticated look today - in excess of 9 people mention she looks very professional. Edmundl pleased as the only reason she has her hair tied back is that she was spending too much time snogging this morning to have time to wash her hair.

Marvellous Marvin heard saying 'out of all bad things comes some good'. Does this apply in all cases? What about Timmy Mallett's pop career, what about gnd floor canteen's breakfast bar? What about the 'spreading about' team's (spreading about team….think think think…..) mouths after a few cases of stella?

Suspect Edmundl being updated with false news for the blog….Muscles announces Shedboy was flashing earlier. Showing the office his chest. Edmundl unsure this is the whole truth. Possibly it was Muscles that was showing hers?

Ladders' cufflinks resemble the crown jewels…..no you disgusting pervs….the ones on the Queen's hat


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