Monday, April 04, 2005


AD brought cakes in to celebrate his 49th birthday.

Valester decided to buy a shed to take to Glastonbury. 'More comfortable than a tent'. He spent the weekend on the net looking for one, so that's what they call it nowadays - used to be called looking for doors

Talls very down as the lack of people became evident. Even his invisible friend wasn't talking to him.

Edmundl complained about the planner again. Sorely misses Talls.

Cookie berated Talls for taking chocolates to hoard in his drawer.

Madge returned triumphant with tales of Costco.

Lord H was busy and quiet today and continued his run of zero visits to the tea room.

Luke put in a good effort on the tea runs.

O Boy put up with Edmundl.

Biggles showed off his new shiny, red toy.

Marvin still had a cold.

Smalls learnt the meaning of 'We' not 'Oui'

Ladvania continued his impression of Huggy Bear.


At 5:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tallsie's inability to type very evident in the last post.



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