Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pimp It Up

Talls decided that he was going to pimp up his ride when he got home. Edmundl had no idea what he was talking about. Shedboy decided that he may resort to pimping up his desk instead as he hasn't got a ride.

A-Team music heard near Tallsy's bank of desks at lunchtime, lots of tuts and people looking round. Talls pointed out that Lord H, who was in a meeting, had a new mobile ring tone. Lots of shaking heads again and people muttering. Then it came back again. 'That Lord H and his phone'. Then it dawned in Talls, see here


At 3:24 AM, Blogger James said...

Thanks for filling in my questionnaire on work-related blogs.

Have a look at my blog sometime (you are on my links) as there are over 120 work-related blogs on there. They're all different and very rich in character.

Thanks again and keep up the blog. It serves a very valuable service in a world where real life is all too often glossed over and forgotten!



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