Monday, April 11, 2005

I don't blame you darling

Edmundl returns from Espagna with delicious delights - hatbox sized carton remains unopened due to the interior of a chocolate factory being dumped on Tatty's desk for his 84th birthday

Edmundl would like to add to the description of the 'pregnant scary lady' to explain why she was considered ever so scary (Edmundl is from the NE you know, scary ain't called scary when it's only a weirdo in a bar). The accurate transcript as follows…
SL: "Daaaarling you look sooo much like Drew Barrymore you know….."
Edmundl: "yes I've actually heard that one before, um thanks, I'm not her though"
SL: "Daaarling of course you are, and I don't blame you darling, I don't….if I was famous I'd need to come out to a place like this too…a normal club with normal people"
Edmundl: "hmm, yes, but I'm not her though"
SL: "Daarrling I believe in aliens you know, I do, and I firmly believe that they can transform themselves into all sorts of people, and daarrling, I don't blame you for it I really don't"
Edmundl: "that's really interesting, well I really must be going now"
SL: "Daarling are you from America?" (stroking Edmund's arm …Edmundl's boyfriend leaves them alone to get better acquainted!)
Edmundl: "no actually, I'm from Newcastle"
SL: "eeeh arr ya like? Geddaway….aam from Waalsend me'sel…I divvent like taaakin to ya anyeemore cos ya maaakin me accent come back like, get lost will ya" (kiss on cheek before shooing Edmundl away)

Snoops house burning down - on notification he calmly thanked edmundl for the information and returned to his meeting in 4.3.

New business proposal being worked through starting with Shedboy (he was unhappy with his original title, considered it too obvious apparantly and requested a more enigmatic name). Tallsy and Edmundl eager to hear what Shedders thinks of our new idea of setting up a profile on a popular dating website and 'managing his portfolio' of clientelle. If this takes off and Sheddy is happy with the results, Clamango will be used for all further promotions. Young bobbyN may be in line as the first paying customer. (contributing to the purchase of gold thrones and diamante encrusted shell suits for Tallsy and Edmundl).

AD ruthless with his feedback to the venue for the joint birthday bash. Failed to mention 'scary lady' though. Perhaps he should have suggested their bouncers are more thorough with club entry criteria

Tallsy continues the inane plan of convincing people it's not him drinking the pink Cranberry, Raspberry and Elderflower tea - no-one's fooled Tallsy, give it up will you?

AD has expressed an interest in being a Blog author!!!! The rules have been memorised. All eagerly await his first update with admittedly low expectations.

The party of the century has been booked - PO Christmas party this Thursday! Votes in for a posh jazz club. Hopes growing for Turkey, crackers and sturdy tables for the shimmying competition.


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