Monday, April 18, 2005

he was hit by a tennis ball?

Tallsy highlights another positive of 'the big move'. His entertainment for today was watching the guy who sits in Rodney's old seat pick his nose for 5 whole minutes

Madge scathing today - told Edmundl her contract wasn't being renewed and she was out on her ear. Wouldn't come to her leaving drinks and didn't want a postcard from Peru

Suspicions growing that Smallsy has bought the G4 album

8 people noticed Edmundl's straight hair today. 5 real people and 3 made up to make it sound more impressive

Tallsy playing football tonight. Expecting some whinging tomorrow.

AD and his false promises...

Dazza suffering from a broken tooth. We all suffer from broken hearts at his absence today

Lady (this is a test, not sure you're gonna get it as it's a bit simple) appears to have modelled today's look on a barbershop pole - him and Mr Julie looking more like twins every day

A chicanina was noticed today on the back of Lord H's neck.


At 1:20 PM, Blogger James said...

Hello there!

Please will you help me with my research into blogs on work-related matters. It's only a quick, anonymous and non-traceable questionnaire.

It can be found at:

My own blog gives more detail about my research.



At 10:19 AM, Blogger The S Team said...

Edmundl thinks James is quite handsome!

tried to get onto the survey from here but it's smartfiltered as it falls into the category 'chat' (so why we're allowed to use blog is a mystery). Will send it home and fill it in there asap.

At 1:53 PM, Blogger The S Team said...

He is a Bolton Wanderers supporter, but I suppose it's OK


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