Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Claiming what's rightfully ours

Edmundl is staying….21/10 so lets see…may, june, july, sept, october 5 months. Really, they've put up a 5 month extension?? May, june, july, sept, october…yes 5 months. How odd. Tallsy doesn't think it's odd. Edmundl living up to the image her hair portrays.

And another….Edmundl goes to her 11am meeting at 10:30 and stares glumly at the people in the room wondering why they're not out yet.

And another ….helpful reviewing of a file for Tallsy making suggestions of ways he could improve it, when they're all already reflected

Tallsy on fire at footy last night. In Ferdy's words "he scored some goals out of nowhere last night". A left footer noted. Tallsy smug.

AD AD AD, we have lost hope and now don’t expect anything from you. AD also in a large amount of trouble and currently unaware. This is the place where his deceipt (and he's not alone - Lady is to blame too) and coverups will be made public knowledge should he not give Edmundl and Muscleyarms (think about it…oh I'm so good at this) a full apology and take them to receive their share what is rightfully theirs. Bad AD bad.

Tallsy experiencing some problems with meeting requests. He'd make someone a fantastic secretary one day.


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