Friday, April 22, 2005

But there's a fresh kipper in my back pocket

Its been proven that despite a slightly tarnished oak effect veneer Talls genuinely is a girly gossip hunter. Like a shark who has smelt blood, when he gets a whiff that there is a story about he is there.
Today Edmundl and Cookie threw down the gauntlet. Cookie sent a text to Talls (where is he today, not smoking but not here?) which stated "Did you know? Madge & Lord H! Very Shocked!" Instant response from Talls text followed 30 seconds later by phone call. Cookie doesn't answer.
Talls feels the sweat trickle down the back of his neck and his legs start shaking - he must get the gossip. Edmundl sends a text: "I can't believe you didn't tell me!" Talls is beside himself needs to know what is going on, sends a text to Edmundl and calls. Edmundl doesn't answer.
Talls starts to feel sick, stomach is churning, saliva is dribbling down his chin. Thankfully Mrs Talls dowses him with refreshing iced tea to calm him down. After 10 minutes of therapy Talls calms from his emotional episode and thinks, possibly, there might not be any gossip and it might be a wind up. Just in case Talls calls all work landlines until he speaks to Cookie. After all better to be safe than sorry!

A public apology is made - Shedders was not ever part of the Champagne deception. Never wore the smoking jacket, never spoke to the bellydancing hamster and never got involved in the web of lies and plotting against Edmundl. We're sorry Shedders - you are forgiven.
And now to AD - (Daunts Armpit in spellcheck) - although completely guilty of the crime, he does now admit to it and indeed took Edmundl out to lunch! Edmundl appeased but will be watching for further slip ups.

Madge seen laughing so hard she nearly threw up - something AD said -yet to find out what tickled her fancy there

Has Ferdy got a woman in that cubicle of his? Edmundl hears a female voice coming from his private lair

Edmundl ignored on the street by the fittest boy in the office. Oh dear. Edmundl feels invisible.

Funnyfarm back on the fizzyorange hangover cure after a raving night out ending at 11pm. Wears his shirt with 2 buttons undone…Edmundl not sure this is a good look (Funnyfarm is another of Edmundl's intelligent alias's…..think intelligent humour and cows grazing in a ….) 10 points will be awarded for the person who gets this first. Edmundl smug at her genious.

New game invented after it was noted the links on the right of Blog updates relate to the blog title for that day….interested to see what today's title will bring


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