Friday, April 01, 2005

Biggles makes the blog

Edmundl accused of trying to 'get in' with the AD boys and turn her back on Tallsy now that she's moved desk. Edmundl doesn't see anything wrong in enquiring as to why she never gets an invite to lunch.

Cookie disappointed at the final confirmation that too much money is being spent on fast cars and straight coat hooks for a large expenditure to now be made on precious stones. No change will be made to the internet favourites she has set-up for now though.

Cookie's begun the 1 woman fight against oppression - pushing for some changes to be made round here - another desk move in order?

AD fell for the old gag…did you know the APT bar has burnt down? I think that's April, May and June fool all at once. Wouldn't care but it was the same one he fell for last year!

Apparantly Edmundl has reached top totty status!!!! Confidential admission from the boys that Edmundl officially beats Cookie as the office babe. Aaaah yeah, she knew all along you know, it was the way they all got that dreamy look when she walks by.

Edmundl fell for hilarious april fool gag from Biggles. Edmundl surely feels a fool.

Lord H frustrated that his wife doesn't understand that a man needs to be outdoors during the weekend - 2 days of shopping just isn't his bag baby


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