Thursday, April 21, 2005

Badgers on Scooters

Context: edmundl, AD, Sheds and Muscles had a joint party where each put cash into a tab to be shared at the bar by all guests. 'When it reached £300 stop the tab', said AD. The bar cocked up big time (£500 and no food) so AD complained and got a free bottle of champagne.

Now a kind mannered group would share the 'sorry we cocked up' champagne but no not this bunch. Instead, AD, Sheds and Muscles plus some other groupies went to the guilty bar and had lunch. So there they were, AD in his Playboy pyjamas, Muscles in her short skirt, Sheds in a velvet dressing gown smoking a big cigar and surrounded by a harem of ladies (including Spanish ones), magicians, dancing bears, juggling dwarves, Tom Jones impersonators, giant monkeys and badgers on scooters, having lunch and drinking the champagne. One small point, edmundl wasn't told of this.

Talls suggests that edmundl may like to ask AD where champagne is and all hell breaks loose. edmundl heartbroken, decides to drink from the cup of friendship known as Lord H, talls, Madge, M'lady and Cookie.

So Talls has grief from AD today. AD spent yesterday trying, unsuccessfully, to reserve www.his He may find more success reserving and it may be more apt.

Talls trying to get on a witness protection programme.

Anyway, Madge suggested marriage was like having steak everyday for 20 years today.

Cookie went round in circles trying to sort out her models

Lord H quiet, outsourcer tried to fix his PC to no avail. PS he clicked the 'here' link in the Pimp it Up blog - how funny was that. Lots of people looking round as the A-Team tune blares out of his PC.

Talls got caught by the air freshener in the toilets again (next to last urinal at head height, once it beeps you've got 30 seconds or you get sprayed with a flowery smell). Very annoyed, although it does have a scent similar to the aftershave that emanates from Ladvania.


At 2:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheds is not guilty.
Lets put it bluntly,
Humpty Dumpdee drank that bubbley.


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