Saturday, April 09, 2005

3 Day Itch

First post in 3 days. Lots of complaints and one comment asking, 'Why the delay?'. Delays due to beer and general confusion between two main bloggers.

Talls was talking to someone on the way to work about an article he'd seen on guerilla marketing, had a good conversation before he realised that she thought he meant gorilla marketing. He had been confused when she began talking about the jungle and that film by Michael Apted.

Lord H was hardly seen all day before disappearing off to fly to Edinburgh (no tea runs at all - now 5 consecutive days with no visits made). Luke made up for the lack of tea runs from the Lord H area by competing with Talls to see who could make the most visits.

Cookie felt unwell and Madge pondered how she could get Tallsy's big tool back to him.

Edmundl and AD were preparing for their birthday do. Edmundl said she would not leave the building until the thunder and lightening had stopped, Tallsy explained that it was in fact a man with a big drum who was taking photos outside the building. This seemed to relax Edmundl a little.

AD decided that we would head to the pub at 5.30, which the male element took to mean 5.30, but the females took this to mean 6pm.

The APT bar was good but had a very low roof, which caused Tallsy all sorts of problems. Key events/highlights:
- Valester's new suit, which replaced the old grey one that he'd had since 1942. He claimed he'd had it for a few weeks. It gives him an extra panache.
- Tallsy's magic coin trick. Amazement all round as the coin disappeared in an instant, quizzical looks as his picked it up off the floor because he messed it up.
- Smallsy questioning the money making capability of Clamango.
- Luke admitting that he could have got a job at the outsourcer.
- AD's face when he realised the bar bill had broken the £500 barrier. I'm sure complete strangers were putting drinks on the tab.
- Edmundl's sister and her 'is he, isn't he' friend arriving.
- Ladvania's explanation of the Monday night formation for the big game.
- The urinals in the men's toilets.
- The Spaniard's dancing
- Edmundl meeting a pregnant woman at the bar who a) Thought edmundl looked like Drew Barrymore b) Kept stroking edmundl's arm c) was putting on a fake accent.

All became a haze from then.


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