Thursday, March 17, 2005

You've got a bit of something on your chin

•Tallsy receives a new pc – rather than beginning to work immediately the first thing he does is to play with the standard XP sounds – one sounding very similar to the richard and judy themetune

•Sparks off renewed frustration from Lord H at Edmundl’s pc

•Tallsy and Lord H match today – suspect it was planned

•Cookie in frills – looking much like a classy mr whippy

•Discussion about the old days of fancy facial hair– when Lord H had a goat attached to his chin. Couldn’t talk as such – more bleat. Caused havoc when trying to drink a can of coke. Goat kept chewing on the can.

•Confirmation that Ferdy is going to be sat next to an unknown feng shui expert

•Edmundl’s drawers need fiddling with – as Tallsy wins the long, thin arm competition he gets to remove the offending items from the back

•Mr Julie sports a new pair of glasses – but how does he smell?

•Tallsy absolutely *no* help whatsoever in deciding which venue to spend Edmundl’s birthday.

•Quote of the century from Lord H “I don’t have a problem with my pc”
•On clearing out emails Edmundl finds a hilarious joke from Tallsy - hoping to spark romance between her and Smallsy "I mentioned to Edmundl that your family lived in Norfolk. She's never been so I suggested that she take a trip out there with you for the weekend. 'Norfolk enchants' (I think that's what she said) so I guess you better set it up"

•Found out where Smallsy finds his bling.


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