Tuesday, March 01, 2005

where's the go faster stripe?

• Offers of physical comfort to calm PC frustrations – the boy love is strong. Tallsy beginning to understand Lord H’s pain. Madge failed to deliver promises.
• Tallsy moaned and moaned and moaned about PC frustrations, and about the journey in too – even boasting about his 4 footy goals (suspiciously unseen by other players) did not appear to cheer him up
• Further frustrations for Edmundl not being let out for Church attendance – let loose on some architecture work to cheer her up
• Ferdy giving some cheek back to Edmundl over drinks order – unacceptable behaviour – suspect Tallsy has had a hand in this new found rebellion – this cannot go on
• New shoes – unfortunately no go faster stripe or silver glare on these ones


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