Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Where have all the star players gone?

Dazza home sick - man flu taking its toll - Mr Cheese and Stupot battling on gallantly refraining from calling Dazza a girl

New best friends spotted - Smallsy and Snoopdoggydog seen sharing a joke

The move is having effects on the visibility of the team - Stupot feels abandoned in the center aisle, Ferdy encased in his lair hoping for a new young secretary to join him

Cookie confused about the effects that fruit and berries have on time. Yes good for health but unsure they can actually *make* you younger

Edmundl counted the time of silence on her bank of desks - peaked at 2 hours and 12 minutes - wouldn't happen in the old days you know

Reports that Tallsy went to Legoland in the rain today. At least the place is make of plastic - doesn't rust. Edmundl expecting a full report as she's always wanted to go to Legoland. She once got as far as the door but it was closing so she just had to stand at the gates and whimper. Hoping Tallsy has brought her back a nice little legoman to play with

IT Football team struggle to reach critical mass with the disappearance of all their star players - Barry on the hunt for keen graduates eager to show the old boys how it's done

Gary L's brother started today. Edmundl looking forward to breaking the news to Tallsy.


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