Thursday, March 10, 2005

Today Part 2 (or 3 depending on how you look at it)

Edmundl managed to publish her blog twice, no idea how.

Anyway, there was a large debate on whether you can 'slow up' or if it is an oxymoron, although edmundl (who used the long word) could not explain what some idiot wearing spot cream had to do with the price of fish. Debate still raging.

Talls and Edmundl compared carbuncles on several occasions.

A discussion was had as to whether it was permissible to tell wife to wait a moment when she interrupts important point during bloke TV show to tell you that she thinks the walls need painting - a common occurrence for most men, just change the last part. Always taken badly by wife, a view which Edmundl agreed with and began to explain, at which point Talls asked her to wait while he finished trying to balance a pencil under his nose. He then tried to return to the conversation but Edmundl wasn't interested in carrying on.

Lord H continued in his quest to have a stress related heart attack. Outsourcer again came under attack. O Boy came back and found that his PC, which was taken on Friday ('we'll have it back to you on Monday') was not back. Lord H launched into a familiar tirade which had the veins on his forehead bulging and his language went West.

Smallsy finally found a photo of Behrooz from 24 (have a look at it's on there). He wasn't convinced (convinced is possibly too weak, I think if I say he was livid then it is closer). Anyway, I'm sticking to my guns.

Madge let me down badly. Last week she was a true red, this week a Ch***** fan. Once a red always a red. Anyway, sent her a link to the Mighty Reds trophy room so she can see what she's missed.

Cookie a bit down today, Madge very grumpy. Obviously missing us.

Casual day tomorrow, waiting to see if Lord H manages to wear sports casual again.


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