Thursday, March 24, 2005

This party's over, say goodbye

Sad day. Edmundl packed her bags and sailed off into the sunset leaving Tallsy and Lord H alone on a bank of empty desks.

Otherwise, what a day.

Edmundl found out that the Bible stated that 'grey hair is a crown of glory gained in a righteous life' (Proverbs 16.31). This enabled Talls to pronounce himself the King. The only debate was whether this meant Elvis or the head of the Commonwealth. Talls went for the latter.

Edmundl had a cold, which, with AD returning from 2 days off, raised the question as to whether there had been some French kissing going on. It was noted that Stewpot also had a cold, however, he was adamantly denying any tongue to tongue combat with AD, followed by, 'he is a nice bloke though, just not in that way'.

Edmundl failed to tidy up the birthday balloons and continued to fend off the 'who was 30' questions.

Lord H was very quiet today. Had a few moans but that was out down to the vibrate function on his phone (in his pocket) being switched on.

O Boy quietly pottered on with his stuff, preparing for Gazza to arrive in Tuesday for their job swap.

AD discovered that he hadn't been invited to edmundl's birthday bash. Edmundl put this down to colleagues and friends being separate. A point proven by the invite list to her 'work' birthday bash, which included the bloke who had been sat at Mr Julies desk for two days. No idea who he is, what he is doing, what his name is, etc but he's coming to the bash.

Marvin promised Talls that he would look into the Clamango idea this weekend.

Lord H demonstrated that he has forgotten where the tea room is again. Edmundl seemed to have an aversion to visiting the tea machine. Luckily O Boy was on top tea form and Talls wore a path into the carpet tiles with his visits.

Edmundl complained that the choice of sandwiches for lunch was poor. Talls explained that the choice normally is poor when you nip to buy lunch at 3.15.


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