Monday, March 14, 2005

Speeding Tickets

Talls accused Edmundl of getting him a speeding ticket. His son had been quizzing him about why Edmundl had not been at the Sale vs Saracens game. The quickfire nature of the questions caused Talls to drive past a speed camera too fast. Edmundl claimed innocence, however, Talls is claiming cause and effect.

Edmundl spent the day trying to create a four circle venn diagram. Struggled badly, got close at 10 to 5 via various attempts that could have possibly been done better with a spirograph.

Debated whether Lord H should be nominated for an award in the end of year honours, for services to outsourcers.

Cookie showed us photos of her boyfriend's new car (a Porche). Decided that she's a chav in disguise. Redeemed herself by sharing her Creme Eggs out.

Madge was animated about her trip to Disney World, bored already.

Smalls put in an appearance. We all ducked for cover at first as we thought it was Behrooz from 24 about to pull out a gun, until we realised it was Smalls.

Marvellous Marvin came round and said 'cool' to the new business idea. Bit hush, hush.


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