Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Cookie had reproduction problems today. The conversation reminded edmundl that she had also had some reproduction problems with Snoopy Doggy recently. This had been resolved after she visited the reproduction centre and got some A3 paper herself. Cookie returned after about 30 mins with her photocopies done.

Edmundl's birthday today, celebrated reaching 28 years but was disappointed with the number of people asking if she was 30 (partly due to the '30 today' balloons that O Boy bought her). Turned out that Talls had told him she was 30 and he fell into the cunning trap.

Lord H quiet today, apart from going to a meeting and returning to find someone had removed his PC. Little disgruntled and very critical of the outsourcer.

Edmundl provided possibly the worst analogy ever today when discussing the idea of a gay man sleeping with a straight woman decided that, as an analogy, it was just like a straight man sleeping with a man. Odd looks all round and an explanation that analogies usually aid the conversation.

Cookie bemoaned on holiday Madge's lack of 'what to do if this happens' instructions as yet more rubbish was thrown her way.

Talls complained about the lack of tea runs by Lord H and edmundl (who claimed exemption for birthday reasons), and about the poorness of Valester's timing in cracking his joke about edmundl not looking 28, but much older.

Smalls was sadly missed today.


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