Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The new taboo

'It’s an odd thing tax really isn’t it? – it’s like the taboo subject now isn’t it? People talk about tax like they used to talk about S*x' - another gem from Lord H

3 goals from Tallsy who is now officially in retirement. The team mourn the loss of such a multiple goal scorer but celebrate the lack of violence in the game.

Cookie caught stealing mint numbers 4 and 6. This cannot go on. Suggest Tallsy starts poisoning a subset of the confectionary. They're for medicinal purposes you know!

Nice ego boost for Tallsy today infront of new boss. Never seen him look so pleased with himself. Big up the Talls.

Edmundl's vector diagram a raving success. Customer delighted. Edmundl delighted that the customer is delighted. Edmundl delighted that it's better than "Powerpoint man's" efforts


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