Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Lightly steamed with some cabbage leaves

• Enter Satan – grinning in shiny black coat. Unsure as to where he keeps his horns as thinning rather on-top
• Business venture has been agreed - assignments distributed and funding settled. Yet to bring in the consultant. Will be making full use of Clamango
• No goals for Tallsy – though the regular violence on other players was again noted (and will continue to be noted for poor Jonty who has the debilitating bruise on his arm)
• A discussion on the best use of the word carbuncle caused disarray amongst the team.....clarification still required on whether it means oozing infection or a state of confusion. It’s near to causing both!
• Please give respect to those that have left this world – no mention of steaming with some cabbage please
• Lord H beavering away building his ‘Cookie trap’.


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