Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Lift not drag

• The quiet hum of technology and the infrequent cry of anguish from Lord H (due to inability of new pc to meet requirements) were the only sounds heard on 6 today – a quiet office this Wednesday.
• Mr Julie came up trumps with the chocolate goodies 2nd day running– m’lady described them as exquisite- Tallsy noted hoarding even though absent today
• Ha haaaaa Cookie fell hook line and sinker for the chocolate wrapper trick – she audibly gasped with shock that there wasn’t any chocolate in the wrappers and was heard proclaiming ‘but they are all wrapped up like they’re new’. Actually that’s a lie – she didn’t. She just wanted to know where she could get real chocolate and attempted to steal Tallsy’s hoard
• Interesting discussion about moving furniture – you’ve got to lift not drag
• Ferdy still ill – suspect he’s ridden away into the moonlight on his Spanish donkey


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