Friday, March 11, 2005

Just wait till you get to my age

• I never have lunch. Just wait till you get to my age boy, you don’t have to eat when you’re as old as me…my my that’s a long wait for Ferdy
• Tallsy off sick with that pesky alien still growing in his stomach. Due to give birth in the next couple of weeks. Expect he’ll take it to his favourite supermarket on a Saturday morning
• Underhanded dealings going on with m’lady’s catering card when she went out for lunch– is it wrong, really? Is it as wrong as Lord H glueing sweet wrappers back together again?
• Lord H isn’t too fond of the young people’s music – people shouting over loud beats isn’t his idea of talent
• Edmundl felt quite loved and fuzzy from the warm, happy smiles received from members of the girl’s new team
• Lord H dressed up all dapper in his suit jacket in order to impress the laydees with whom he was having meetings. Not enough of it these days apparently.
• It’s ok, don’t worry, Lord H is right handed so he can eat chocolate with his left hand
• Madge grumpy, cookie and edmundl slightly phased after last night's play - not the cheeriest of subjects but at least the actors were fit


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