Wednesday, March 16, 2005

it's the S molecule

•Gazza pays a visit. Without Tallsy here to reassure her, Edmundl begins to worry that he will like sitting next to Gazza more than her. It conjures up images of pally football discussions and uniting against females. They probably will set up business (fully Clamango’d) and become highflying invention tycoons, the likes of which are only usually seen on look around you. Edmundl hopes that Tallsy will still talk to her during the inventors conferences… when she’s trying to market her own brand of washable toilet paper

•Madge on holls, Sal visits 3 times, enhanced friction in new team noted

•Tea intake dramatically cut – 1 cup only today – 0 tea runs, however 4 trips to the loo?

•Interesting discussion about the difference between normal vinegar and balsamic -apparently the “s molecule” isn’t present in normal vinegar


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