Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Forget the red light

It's the 1st day of the big move - Cookie cheery at some friendly faces, poor Ferdy trapped in a prison cell of a desk space where nobody can see him and Edmundl mostly alone staring at unoccupied desks.

You've got your rumballs, you've got your bright green kiwi chocolates, you've got your powdered sick but this, THIS tops the lot…..tomato rivita (tipped as being the nicest thing Cookie's eaten for a long time) voted the rankest snack in the history of rankness by Edmundl. Consdering getting Cookie's tastebuds sent away to jamie oliver's kitchen for re-educating

Tallsy being missed - Lord H visited the new headquaters at least 4 times today for a discussion on pond life

Edmundl ecstatic with new location as she can now eye up all new talent undisturbed

Valester is billy no mates - being comforted from the absence of any friends by focusing on his batchelor pad - forget red lights, this boy has got light up red fences. A nice touch for the ladies

Mr Cheese comes up trumps on the tea rounds - not grasped the cold water requirements as yet but Edmundl impressed at efforts made. Perhaps Tallsy can be replaced after all?

Those who aren't on holiday are ill - Mr Cheese, Marvellous Marvin and Stewpot all hiding behind hankies, best place for them


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