Monday, March 21, 2005

Curves and Drawers

Lord H learnt that his phone had the ability to do more things than ring and allow him to talk. O Boy taught him how to set a reminder. From this we learnt that Lord H finds it hard to read his phone display so he turns it upside down as, 'it is easier to read'. Work that one out.

Talls couldn't get into his drawers today. Edmundl's name was mud as she was the last person to open them on Friday - evidence was that she had again hidden all Friday's chocolates in Talls's drawer in order that she could line up the 'oh so who's been hoarding chocolates' quip again. (every week, same joke)

Lord H explained how he had to visit two passport photo booths as the photos make his face look curved.

O Boy had a lesson in PowerPoint magic from Diagram Man (like Mr Incredible but better looking). The boy was wowed - hero worship was in order.

Marvellous Marvin commented on his marine haircut blog. He was unaware that Edmundl had taken such a shine to it.

Valester admitted to spending the weekend on the internet looking at front doors (obviously that's what they call it nowadays) anyway he had a bad back this morning - and a flustered look about him.

Cookie admitted that the Porche had had a run out this weekend - along with the stilletos and fake fur. She met some tourists in Stratford who loved the authentic, 'Ye Olde Pub', 'Ye Olde Sweet Shop' and 'Ye Olde Dixons', 'gee Larry, it's so quaint'.


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