Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Wee Jimmy

Decided last night that Madge should put herself forward as the new Jimmy Krankie

Found out that Madge and Cookie will be off in the next few weeks, a shame really. Cookie and Talls started the modelling work, O Boy continued in his battle to get IIS installed.

Lord H protested his innocence on the tea runs, he was roundly heckled and we explained directions to the tea machine.

Madge taught us some Philipino swearwords which Lord H inadvertantly used on Madge's daughter - told him that Madge had left a message for her daughter.

M'lady was in meetings all day.

Smallus Maximus asked who Jackie Stallone was (see previous post). Showed him a picture and he fell off his chair. I would have made the picture his PC wallpaper but wasn't quick enough.

Expecting Madge to start wearing a cap and shorts soon - although not the dodgy leather cap she showed us last week. That photo was pushing the bounds of taste.


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