Friday, February 04, 2005

a wave from afar

Even though it's devastingly hot, the scenary breathtaking and the company dreamy....edmundl laments from afar wishing she could be with the team in these last dying days. Edmundl has begun to make extra cups of tea in tribute, begun singing that special xsl song and has even tried to get an international line to the outsourcer. She wonders what will await her when she returns to the 6th. Will she be waving from a sole desk in a corner of m'lady's new office? scratching at the door for the odd stale choclate eclair? or will she be lost in a sea of unknowns, desperate to hear lord h's stories to brighten the day?
Alas, for now, all that can be done is try to enjoy the time away...try to pretend swimming in the warm ocean and visiting a cave of gloworms and dancing in bandstands by the sea is comparable to spending time with the team of one's dreams. *sigh*
hmmm..if edmundl never comes back, the team lasts forever in her mind.


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