Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Still a Sad Day....

Is M'Lady feeling what we're feeling? Is she crying herself to sleep at night? Cos we are. We cannot get over the rejection. Oh what would life be without her? Would we laugh again? A wake will be organised and Talls will make some cucumber (so long as not Veg Boy's) and dill.
Looks like GLane is beckoning with all this reshuffle... Sa not too keen. Lord H would like a window & non smoking seat. I know where I'd like to shove him....
Found out that Lord H always keeps a rubber in his pocket. I bet it's been there for years... no takers for the ol' git!!!
Sa found a rather dodgy parcel for Mr.Dyson-man which is shaped like an orifice. Oh some excitement at last...
Sa keeps telling me that pumpkin seeds do work (in the bed department), I have eaten a sackful and still waiting for some action!
I guess this diary is over before it even began... we are a team no more... Very sad... will miss Talls. How will he cope without 4 gorgeous women around him and only Lord H to contend with? Hope M'Lady realises that she has changed our working lives forever. Oh well it was good while it lasted and she was brilliant with us.
Actually she could have at least given me a decent payrise to remember her by!!!


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