Thursday, February 03, 2005

PC Problems

Interesting day today. Lord H strolled around a lot today, I say strolled more ran - seemed very busy. Managed to contact the outsourcer a couple of times but didn't manage a tea run.

O Boy kept his head down but managed to make several tea runs, for which he gained much praise - he must be after something.

I thought of the team today and thought how sad it will be to see them go,
M'lady, imposing like the Stephanie Beacham character in Dynasty.
Madge, Scarlet O'Hara in Gone with the Wind.
Cookie, our very own Kylie teasing us with the green tea.
O Boy, a young Stephen Gerrard (he was maginficent on Monday night).
Lord H, our very own Lord Vader with his St Albans empire.
Edmundl, our Jackie Stallone.

Anyway, Friday tomorrow so sweets day - Bonbons and chocolates for the ladies, Lemon sherbets for the lads.

Nice to see edmundl is having a good time in NZ, she is sadly missed as the tea runs have been hit quite badly - although O Boy is filling some of the void.


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