Thursday, February 10, 2005

Hormonal Maniac

Lord H's hormones are playing up.

Don't know what's wrong but Lord H went to the tea machine 3 times!!! He also got a bit frisky when Madge mentioned low cut tops,he was running round the office like a young gelding.

Madge denied being at the Ikea Edmonton opening brawl last night, although we weren't convinced.

Cookie decided that she would not be able to make the full Battersea match tomorrow night which was a let down as she was due to go in nets (news to her). She did some more modelling with Talls today.

O Boy's dodgy ligaments disappeared today, we think that's a ruse too as he wants to get out of Friday's game to meet a young lady.

Edmundl back next week which everyone counting down to as they're expecting some chocolates and to be bored rigid with stories of how great NZ is. A large number of meetings are being set up already.

The Valester recommended watching 'Look Around You' on BBC1 on Monday 10pm. Apparently hilarious - although Valester is also a huge fan of that old chucklehound Russ Abbot (he collects memorabilia off eBay)

Everyone will be wearing something red on Monday for Valentines day, Lord H is expected to wear his red peephole boxers again and Madge don't ask.

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