Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Clamango is born. Marketed by a chicken in headphones doing a digidaaa pose (no, that's a good point), Clamango is set to change how the nation lives forever.

Turns out Lord H has a wealth of knowledge on silverback gorillas, suprising

THE TOOL was brought in and did the job of fixing Tallsy's pedestal. Even Lord H impressed

Boredom on both sides of the fence reached new lows - temporarily relieved by the arrival of new snow and discussion about getting Ness to move next to Tallsy

Tallsy's refusal to take his new digital camera into the football changing rooms causing some distress to edmundl. On pointing out that whoever takes the photos reduces the risk of being caught on camera themselves, there are suspicions that Tallsy likes the attention

Lord H must be ill ….."he'll know all about the sponteaous combustion properties of steel wool and battteries he will"….no response


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