Wednesday, February 16, 2005

3 Days and the pressure is on

• Edmundl’s failure to update blog causing teamwide distress, stern looks and sighs like someone’s dog’s just died
• Happy return of Cookie sparked renewed energy in the team (though no improvement on tea round, perhaps she is with Madge on excluding themselves away from the core, surely she can’t pretend to enjoy nettle tea?)
• Barry introduced to blog – shouldn’t pose any real threat unless someone lets slip the secret password
• 3 days to go till the split - the deadline is having a pressure cooker effect on Lord H and Madge’s passions. 6.21 being monitored for steamy windows.
• Kiwifruit chocolates went down a storm – edmundl delighted
• The arrival of Tallsy’s new friend has us worried, ‘Gee guys, you sure do know how to party round here’
• Lord H snapped at edmundl – will put it down to impending loss of his angels rather than the realisation that soon it’ll be him and Tallsy
• Confirmation that the karaoke night will go ahead, edmundl planning hip hop rap whilst there are suspicions Tallsy is on for a busted number and Lord H will croon his way through the Frank Sinatra classic ‘I did it my way (cos the outsourcer won’t do it anytime in the next millennia will they hmm?)’


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