Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Tuesday 25/1 Blog update

S’s absence causing some distress amongst the team prompting a poetic plea for her return

Oh S how are we to cope
All we can do is sit here, drink tea and mope
How we long for you to return
From the place you’ve gone to learn
Your desk is bare, nobody sits in your seat
The tin still contains every single sweet
Your tablet pc sits still and quiet
Apart from when Ian decides to demo it
We miss the smiley face and charms
Of the one with the skinny arms
We want more stories of her driving cars
So return to us soon, oh S of ours

*Errors have been noted with company standard templates in word, prompting a call to the outsourcer
*Confirmation from K that he prefers working for our team than any other – though it is apparently a ‘close call’
*J cheery in the morning, turning grey and frustrated by the afternoon pointing at repository views and making noises like that of a tired bear
*Teamwide ignorance of the safety pin holding L’s top together at the neck
*Return of SA sans rumballs (positive failing)
*M worried the team by her choice of lunch web research – large knives
*Approximate number of monitored Tea runs 25/1; J= 3, M = 3, L=1, S=0, I=0
*Anticipated number of monitored Tea runs 26/1; J=0 (thus lowering weekly average), M=9, L= (working too hard to run around after team), S=0, I=0
*Due to a fault in the outsourcer telephone systems, a call was raised to 'bloody sort out the outsourcer's telephone systems'


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