Monday, January 31, 2005

Sad Day

Sad day. M'Lady broke the news that the team is to be split several ways to the members of the team absent on Friday. No tears but gentle sobbing.

Anyway, edmundl has now departed for NZ. Madge and Cookie missed the dull tales about holidays in NZ last week but that was made up for with the story about the Branston Pickle factory that caught fire, the £11 jar on eBay and Lord H's observation that Crosse & Blackwell had an opportunity to make a killing.

That was highlight 1, the other was Jagger eating the mouldy cookie that Talls found in his drawer (he failed to mention that the said cookie was rather old).

Lord H managed to contact the outsourcer several times to complain about some problem with his PC so didn't let us down.

Was slightly concerned about Veg Boy's dream about M'Lady asking him whether he had a cucumber down his trousers on dress down Friday - apparently he's become aware that he's not the smartest person in the building on Fridays so will be making an effort from now on (I've no idea why the cucumber was involved). He has perhaps at times resembled a darts player but he's not usually that bad.

Tea runs were minimal with edmundl out of the building, although 'O' boy put in a good effort.


At 12:35 PM, Blogger The S Team said...

Still a sad day... M'Lady's empire is growing and we have been discarded. Oh what would life be without her? Would we laugh again? Looks like GLane is beckoning... Sa not too keen. Lord H would like a window & non smoking seat. I know where I'd like to put him....
Found out that Lord H always keeps a rubber in his pocket. I bet it's been there for years... no takers for the ol' git!!!
Sa keeps telling me that pumpkin seeds do work (in the bed department), I have eaten a sackful and still waiting for some action!
I guess this diary is over before it even began... we are a team no more... Very sad... will miss J. How will he cope without 4 gorgeous women around him and only Ian to contend with? Hope M'Lady realises that she has changed our working lives forever. Oh well it was good while it lasted and she was brilliant with us. Actually she could have at least given me a decent payrise to remember her by!!!


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