Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A lonely day in the Programme Office 26/1

Drastic cut in attendance today left I & L looking forlornly at empty desks
• M suffering illness
• J smoking
• S learning
Much like an entry from a Starship captain gallantly remaining with his abandoned ship before it self destructs, L alone ploughs on with the Blog update to inform others of this empty day

• 2 calls raised with the outsourcer
• Monitored tea runs, M=0, L=0, I=0, S=0, J=0, severe risk of dehydration noted with the remaining staff.
• Certain specky-4-eyes, one leg shorter than the other deserter had his last day today. Presented the ‘core team’ (L ) with a left over havisack from Reuters to remember him by
• 3 days remaining till L leaves this place
• No sweets brought in as yet. Expecting J to bring in some cigarettes as an alternative.
• Silent weeping noted from K as he returned to the bank of 8


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