Friday, January 28, 2005

Demob happy 28th Jan 05

•The day began with a shock appearance of our resident Bond on 007th floor – more the shirt was the shock than him?
•Ferdy orders a drink from the tea run, prompting debate that he should become a more active tearunner
•0 calls made to the outsourcer????? Perhaps I was at lunch?
•Proposed business venture - Pritt sticking tube maps into diaries – looking into keeping the pritt stick costs down by using Tallsy’s used chewing-gum
•Addition of Whitley bay citizen link to Blog – an attempt to bring an education of the splendour of the north east to the team. Hoping edmundl will be understood.
•Last day for edmundl – the team did well to hide the enormity of their distress
•Tallsy found to be hoarding again – cookies this time, one more strike and the pedestal will be removed

A poem to say bye
A poem to say I hope the time will fly
Till I’m back at my desk with you all
M’lady, BigE, Madge, cookie, Ferdy and Mr Tall
I’ll bring you back a nice box of choccies or a sheep
Or perhaps a small trinket for you all to keep
I’ll keep you updated via blog while I’m away
Just think, I’ll be in the sun while you’re suffering a Monday!


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